Zillah the Wise and Kind Woman - Fontanini® 5" Collection
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Zillah the Villager Woman - Fontanini® 5" Collection. 

Collector Note: reintroduced 2023.

The Story of Zillah:

Zillah was a very shy young woman, the youngest of her brothers and sisters.  Being the youngest she was often teased as to the color of her eyes or the color of her skin.  Made to feel different than the others, Zillah felt left out and alone.  One day, while quietly watching the villagers passing by, she realized that each and every man, woman, and child had something special about them.  Young or old.  Rich or poor.   She decided to make it a game to find the best in every one of them.  

First Zillah noticed the young shepherd boy Ari walking his sheep.  He appeared very dirty carrying the scent of his sheep on his clothing and sandals.  She thought "oh how bad he smells, how unclean!"   Then she noticed him reach down and pick up a little lamb that could not keep up, and placed him in a sling wrapped over his shoulder.  He kissed the little lamb's head and continued to gently guide his flock through the village.  Zillah thought to herself that this young shepherd may be dirty, but he clearly had a loving heart.  

Zillah then watched an elderly couple walking to town to shop with their brightly colored baskets in hand.  The woman seemed to rush while the husband stopped along the dirt road to pet the heads of the little children and shout hello to the village neighbors.  Clearly he was the kinder person!  Zillah then noticed the old woman turn back to her husband and take his hand saying "my dear, I am here waiting for you."   Zillah saw the love shown in the woman's eyes and the patience in her voice as she spoke to her husband.   Zillah was beginning to see the different ways in which people were kind and expressed God's love.

When Zillah returned home her brothers and sisters were frantic with worry, wondering where she had been.  They told her they had started to search for her and that she was their sister they loved so much and how could she be lost to them?  It was at the moment that Zillah understood.  She could see it in their eyes that when they teased her, and told her she was different, it was with God's love in their hearts for her.  She no longer felt different, she only felt loved.