Eliana the Villager Girl - Fontanini® 5" Collection
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Eliana the Villager Girl - Fontanini® 5" Collection. 

Collector Note: reintroduced 2023.

The Story of Eliana

Eliana was a energetic young girl, possessed of great physical strength.  Already standing taller than her mother.   She was born the middle child of her family, having an older brother and a younger sister.  She loved her family with all her heart.

Her older brother was rarely home as he worked with his father in the village, so she was left with her younger sister and her mother most of the day.  As such, it was up to her to teach her little sister some of the daily chores in order to help her mother.   One of the chores was the washing of the family clothes and bedding.

One beautiful sky blue day Eliana decided it was a good time to teach her younger sister the task.  Together they set out with Eliana carrying armloads of the heavy bedding and the little one only able to drag a woven blanker behind her being much to young to carry a heavy load.  It was a long walk to the river where they would wash their things and upon arrival it was much too crowded to work.  Eliana was disappointed that the day may be lost to them and sat down to think.  Eliana's young sister looked up into her eyes as if to ask what they should do next; as they traveled such a long way and she was so anxious to learn.  

Eliana looked around at all the women working on their own, and having been gifted with a very generous spirit, thought how much better it would be if they all worked together.  She stood tall and talked loudly to all the women, letting them know she would help anyone in need, and guide them in this effort so that they all could complete their task and return home to their families.  She was greeted with shouts of joy and smiles of appreciation from all as they sat to work to accomplish their task.

On the very long journey home, Eliana's young sister was tired and asked why they should do other people's work.  With a look of grace, Eliana placed her hand on her sister's heart and said with a gentle smile: that to work together in harmony was beneficial.  Not only to finish the work more quickly, but to show to others kinship and kindness God bestows on us all.