Jonas the Bagpiper for the Fontanini 5" Scale Collection
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Jonas the Bagpiper for the Fontanini 5" Scale Collection.

COLLECTOR NOTE - Reintroduced in 2022.


Jonas was a young boy eagerly anticipating the day he would become a bagpiper like his father.  He listened as his father explained how its music was made and to Jonas it seems like magic.

One day, Jonas' father presented him a practice canter which looked like a flute - and not like bagpipes at all.  Jonas' father said the chanter was how to begin piping.  And with practice Jonas could graduate to the child-size bagpipes that had been passed down for generations in his family.

Jonas practiced daily.  Filling the house with sound.  From time to time Jonas' father would allow him to try playing the adult bagpipes.  But when Jonas did - it sounded like an aching sheep.  For a small child, it was very difficult as complete bagpiped had many pipes and a large bag that he had to fill with his breath to make the notes play.  With each breath Jonas made - yet another terrible sound.   Refusing to quit, Jonas returned to the pipes again and again.

One morning as Jonas was practicing with his father, a neighbor brought extraordinary news.  The shepherds in the village had seen a vision of angels singing in the heavens saying that a child - the Savior - was born in the town of Bethlehem.  Many people were heading to Bethlehem bearing gifts for the baby Jesus.  Jonas' father knew the only gift he could give was the gift of music.  As he got his pipes, he looked at Jonas and the heirloom bagpipes beside his own and had faith in Jonas' ability to play.  When they finally arrived at the stable, they waited for their turn in the quiet peace surrounding the stable.  Standing before the baby Jesus, Jonas' father simply nodded to Jonas and inspired by the joy surrounding them, they played their pipes in beautiful harmony.  The song was filled with grace as if it wrote itself.  While they played before the Savior, it was a gift unlike any other!