Simeon the Prophet for the Fontanini 5" Scale Collection
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Simeon the Prophet for the Fontanini 5" Scale Collection.

COLLECTOR NOTE - Introduced in 2022.


In the City of Jerusalem there was no one who walked closer to God than Simeon,  He was very honorable, devout man who used the word of God to comfort those around him.  Many people thought that Simeon spoke directly to the Lord so he was called upon to comfort during times of great need and desperation.  He was always there to offer people uplifting words filled with the power of the Lord.


All his life, Simeon had held an unwavering commitment to God's word.  It was thought that the Holy Spirit was upon him when he preached telling the people of Jerusalem that God would deliver the Savior and free them from oppression.  Simeon heard the promises of the Holy Spirit and knew the Messiah would come.   Although his body was beginning to fail him, he refused to leave this earth until he could lay his eyes upon the Promised One.

As the morning light to began to shine over the horizon, Simeon heard the Holy Spirit telling him to visit the Temple today.  Walking as quickly as he could he reached the temple just as families started gathering near the altar.  Simeon sat down to watch the young parents bringing their newborn babies to God's temple.  He watched as a young man and woman presented two turtle doves as their gift of thanks for the birth of their young son.  Simeon felt drawn to the baby they carried and he crossed the room to get a better look at the child.  The moment he looked down at the face of the infant he knew this was the Messiah he had been waiting for.   He gently lifted the baby out of the arms of His mother and to the heavens he joyously proclaimed "Lord now let Your servant depart in peace  according to Your Word for my eyes have seen Your salvation which You have prepared in the presence of all the peoples - a light to bring revelation.  LUKE 2:29-32.

Simeon's eyes brimmed with tears, and in that moment he know that God had kept His word to His people and delivered the Messiah.  Simeon's entire life had been devoted to the word of God and now God's miracle of the Christ Child lay before him!