Abigail and Peter for the Fontanini 5" Scale Collection - Hand Numbered
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Abigail and Peter for the Fontanini 5" Scale Collection - Hand Numbered.

Exclusive in 2022 for the House of Fontanini.

COLLECTOR NOTE - Introduced in 2022.


The Story of Abigail and Peter:

Abigail's parents decided she would be sent to her grandfather's house in Bethlehem when she turned 13. The decision was difficult, but her bright mind needed more than their remote farm could offer.  Further, grandfather Peter's legs had gotten weak and he could no longer deliver the bread he baked for customers.  Abigail's youth would be a blessing!

Forgetting her homesickness, she worked hard from the moment she arrived.  Immersed in her delivery schedule, Abigail scurried from house to house, especially on Sabbath Eve. One busy day, she was almost knocked down by several boys racing from the Bethlehem Inn.  

"Do you have to run?, I almost lost all of my bread" she gasped.

"We wanted to see Him" one boy explained "the Child in the stable, behind the inn.  They say He is the long awaited Messiah.  Where have you been?".

The Messiah behind the inn, how could she not see for herself?  Finding a window, she peeked in to see a man, a woman, and a glowing light.  The silence made Abigail catch her breath.  She could hardly wait to tell grandpa and she was not ready for his angered response.  "I have no time Abigail!  Many say a Messiah has come.  Many a matter of men claim the title.  If you believe all of them you will spend your entire life making pilgrimages.  Get back to work now".

But Abigail could not forget the glow.  She returned to the window as she made deliveries, but did not mention the inn until one dark night when she awoke to hear her grandfather crying.  How frail he looked.  How alone.  She walked silently to him and hugged him.  He told Abigail he had been watching her sleep, sobbing that she reminded him of his beloved wife.  How he missed her he cried.  

"I am so grateful to have you here", he said, "When it was decided you would come to me, I thought, "What do I need with a child around?"  I am an old man and do not want to be disturbed. Now I realize you are a gift to me in my old age.  Forgive me for being so angry.   My life had changed since you arrived I am no longer along and I am grateful to God".

Abigail, wise beyond her years, was grateful too.  She would be grandpa's helper always and knew the time had come to share with him the miracle that lived in her heart.  "How can I thank the Lord for bringing us together Abi?" he asked.

"I think I know, she replied, her eyes shining.  Abigail filled her basket with fresh loaves and covered her head with a cloth.  Handing her grandpa his walking stick she said "some miracles cannot be denied.  Come let us go and give thanks for each other".