Miriam the Shepherd - 7.5" Fontanini Collection
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Miriam the Shepherd 52872 Figure for the Fontanini 7.5 Collection. Figure includes story card and gift box. Fontanini 7.5" Collection. polymer.


Her information by the House of Fontanini - Italy as entered by our assistant Carol Baldini:

The story of



The people of Miriam’s clan…and indeed most of theirs…thought the young woman to be strange. Even her parents had long ago given up on any idea of marriage for her. Who would have her?


Miriam was a lovely young maiden, and she cared deeply for the animals belonging to her family ever since she’s been old enough to toddle out the family’s front door. Playing amid the ducks, geese, chickens and roosters, Miriam hoped this happy time would last forever.


At about the time Miriam should have begun to learn to weave flax, bake bread and press olives, she announced to her family that she wished to become a shepherd. And since the family had no sons, there was no reason why she could not have that job..


“I don’t know what I am to do about Miriam,” her mother confided to everyone. Her father. Her aunts. The butcher. Even the rabbi, ‘Miriam won’t learn to sew tunics or to grind millet for our breakfast. She’s always running off to the field after her father and sometimes brings home sick animals. Once, she tried to hide a lamb behind the house. The geese went wild and my husband lectured the entire family into the night about Miriam’s animals.”


Miriam wanted to please her parents. She did everything her mother asked, learning to neighbor say the Sabbath prayers with her head covered and to embroider her sister’s skirts. She even made the family’s perfumes from gathered wildflowers and olive oil, cooking them perfectly and then cooling the scents down in small clay vials. But her heart was with God’s four legged creatures, and her family grew weary of looking for a change.


One day, as the winter solstice approached, Miriam wandered out with her father’s herd in the late afternoon. She had just arrived when she caught a glimpse of activity amid the herd. A small lamb had injured his leg and was limping pathetically as the herd pushed the tiny creature away from its midst.


“What happen to you? And where is your mother?” Miriam asked, lifting up the wriggling animal. She examined its leg, tying the extremity with the head cloth she carried in her apron. “I’m taking you home with me now, little one.”


Loading the lamb into the big basket she’d brought along, Miriam grabbed a stick from the ground. Her father watched from a distance, shaking his head. She hoped he wouldn’t be to mad.


Then, gathering up all of her spirit and courage, Miriam walked toward home with the basket against her back. And as if to say thank you, the lamb nuzzled her ear and slept.

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Miriam the Shepherd - 7.5" Fontanini Collection

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