Maia, Shepherdess With Lamb for Fontanini 5"
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Maia, Shepherdess With Lamb for Fontanini 5" 

Collector Note: Introduced in June 2015


 Story Card of MAIA

Maia’s name meant “close to God” and more often than not she felt it was fitting.  Now a grown woman, she was engaged to Merari, a kind and generous man.  They were wed and in the years that followed they were blessed with children.

Maia’s marriage was considered an especially fortunate one.  Merari’s wealth included acres of orchards and large herds of cattle, sheep, and goats.  Merari knew he was abundantly blessed and readily acknowledged all that he had was a gift from God.  Maia felt less blessed and more burdened.  Merari had servants but so many duties fell to Maia that she felt overwhelmed and increasingly resentful of all that was asked of her.

She missed her youth when things were simpler.  Maia’s family raised sheep and she and her mother were vital to the success of their flock.  The family was always gathered together at home when it was time for lambs to be born.  Typically four out of every five lambs survived their birth, but in Maia’s family not a single lamb had ever perished.  Some thought it was luck but her family firmly believed it was their prayers, their faith, and their skills of Maia and her mother.  They knew exactly how best to help the ewes giving birth and even the most fragile lamb would thrive under Maia’s care.

Once she was wed and had her own home and family, Maia no longer had room in her life for the lambs she loved.  Merari has servants that cared for the sheep and in time, their sons managed the flock.  Their flock was so large that the lambs that failed were hardly noticed.  One day when Merari was visiting his sons and inspecting the flock, he came across a lamb that seemed lost and alone.  Merari’s sons explained it has been born the day before.  Despite their care, the lamb was fragile and no one expected her to survive.  It saddened Merari to see his sons dismiss the creature so he carefully picked up the little lamb and brought her home. 

When Merari arrived home Maia didn’t want to see him bringing home strangers, which would mean more work for her.  She knew she should try to embrace the opportunity to serve God by serving her guests but it had all become too much.  She was happy to hear only one set of footsteps.  But when she looked at her husband she realized he was not alone after all.  In his arms was the tiniest lamb Maia had ever seen.  Suddenly she felt her heart that had grown so tired and cold begin to melt.  She took the lamb from her husband and with the feel of the lambs wool in her hands she began to remember a time when she wasn’t so weary.  In the days that followed, she seemed to forget all the tasks that she felt she had to do and instead focused in the little lamb.  She named her lamb Hope; and she was never far from her eye.  Even when night fell, Hope slept peacefully on a soft pile of hay beside Maia.  Maia would fall asleep listening to the gentle whisper of Hope’s breathing and in her heart Maia knew all would be well.

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Maia, Shepherdess With Lamb for Fontanini 5"

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