Andrew the Potter for 7.5" Collection
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Item # - 52823. Full Description - 7.5" ANDREW, THE POTTER FIGURINE BY FONTANINI. Division - FONTANINI. Materials - POLYMER. Dimensions - 7.5" SCALE.


Story card information by Roman Inc and entrered by our own Carol Baldini:

The story of



“Let us see your work, my son.” Andrew’s father swung open the doors of the kiln. Rows of water jars, lamps and bowls lay on shelves inside.


Eagerly Andrew look for the picture he had glazed. For many months now Andrew had been learning the trade of his father. Watching and practicing, he had mastered the art of shaping clay on the wheel in the back of Bethlehem’s pottery shop. He could flute necks and apply handles seamlessly. “It is time to learn the other half of the potter’s art the decoration,”his father had told him.


Andrew learned how to mix and grind pigments and how to make the special brushes needed. He followed his father’s lead, incising geometric patterns and rings to be filled in with color. Yesterday’s pitcher was the first piece for which he had done all the ornamentation and coloring.


The pitcher stood in one corner, behind some perfume vessels. Carefully Andrew brought it into the light. The bright reds that were the central part of his color scheme had turned a dull brown. The glossy finish, brushed on so carefully, failed to cover certain areas, and bubbled in other places. Andrew stared at the pitcher in disbelief. He had put so much time and thought into and it looked nothing at all like what it was supposed to be.


“Look at this, father I don’t understand,” Andrew’s voice showed the depth of his disappointment. The older man examined the pitcher in his clay splattered hands. “It’s really not bad for a first piece. Red is a tricky color to get correct. I had many failures when your grandfather first taught me. It took me awhile to get the hang of glazing, too. The clay really soaks it up; you’ve got to use three or four coats. “He patted Andrew’s shoulder. “We’ll do some more decorating after we finish uploading the kiln. I can show you some things I’ve learned, if you like.” “I’d like to smash this pitcher!” exclaimed Andrew.


“Better to keep it and learn from it,” advised his father. “It will show you just where you need to improve.”

  • Item #: 52823.9
  • Manufacturer: House Of Fontanini

Andrew the Potter for 7.5" Collection

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